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Every day, we use the internet to search for whatever captures our interest. Using a search engine like Google is an extremely useful tool. It gives you exactly what you want based off of a word or phrase. You might ask yourself, how does Google do this? Well, that is where the Keyword Planner comes in!

Google’s Keyword Planner Keyword Planner is a free tool through Google Ads. It is designed for both new and experienced advertisers because everyone needs to be able to use it. This can be an extremely successful decision for any business, no matter the size. Google Ads is essentially a workshop for building a new Search Network campaigns. The Search Network is all part of the Google Network. This is Google’s name for all the webpages and apps where ads can appear.

The Keyword Planner has one main use; to search for keywords. In addition, you can see how a list of keywords or phrases might perform. Also, The Keyword Planner can help you choose competitive bids and budgets to use with your campaigns.

So now, you have an idea as to what The Keyword Planner is, you might ask yourself; how can the keyword planner help my company or brand? Well to start, I separated this into three simple steps.

Step 1: Start with the Basics, with What You Know!

  • What are the phrases or keywords my business is built on? If you’re not sure, you should make a list of all the words or phrases your site is about.
  • At this point, this is where Google’s Keyword Planner comes into play. The idea is that it helps with launching a new ad campaign to your target market.

Step 2: Identify Trends with Google Trends!

  • Identifying trends can help you discover the stuff you may have not thought of
  • Google Trends not only lets you see the popularity of a keyword. It also allows you to type your core topic into the search and see a Related Queries report. 
  • This Google Tool shows the keywords or phrases users are searching for that are related to your search term(s).

Step 3: Find the Questions People are Asking!

  • Knowing the questions people are asking about your business, can provide valuable insights into what people may be confused with.
  • This is know as Question-Type Queries and can help you configure your content specifically around your target market. This can lead to the traffic you most desire to your website. In turn, this can help provide relevant content to other users.

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